A Textbook of Translation



A Textbook of Translation

Peter Newmark


Size: 14-21


This major new work by Professor Newmark is a textbook and a handbook of translation for English and foreign students working alone or on courses at degree and post-graduate level

Part one consists of a comprehensive discussion of most subjects and problems that arise in translating: the process of translating, text analysis, translation methods, text as a translation unit, translation procedures, cultural aspects of translation, use of case grammar and componential analysis, and the translation of metaphors. There are chapters on translation criticism and technical and literary translation, as well as revision, deadlines, exams and use of reference books. Shorter passages discuss puns, dialect and ambiguity

Part two consists of illustrative examples of translational text analysis, translation with commentary and translation criticism

The book also attempts to convey some of the excitement and the centrifugal tension of translating a challenging text

Peter Newmark teaches at the Centre for Translation and Language Studies at the University of Surry where he is a Visiting Professor. He has translated books, articles and advertisements and publishes and lectures widely. He is a member of the Examination Board of the Institute of Linguists and a trustee of the Mary Glasgow Educational Trust

A Textbook of Translation was awarded the British

Association of Applied Linguistics prize in 1988

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